Friday, June 10, 2011

June 9th

This morning was SO cold, but Donna was scheduled to run up the mountain to check out her site for soil conditions, (the architect/engineers had concerns about securing her work…) so I jumped into the van with 8 bags of concrete to finish up my foundation. My piece was covered in ice when I arrived, and even though I worked until 11:00, it was still iced over when I left.

The pick was needed to secure the piece on the mountainside until the cement cured. This is SUCH an extreme place to work!

When I was done with all I had to do, I walked back to the lift, but it only runs limited hours. I was between trips, so I just hoofed it down off the mountain, cutting straight down steep slopes rather than take all the switchbacks. It was a cold, exhausting morning.
After lunch we laid Donna’s STORK down on its back and worked out a system for giving it a proper backbone! See tomorrow’s video..

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