Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Day #10

A fun couple had stopped in the tent where we work early in the week and invited us to a sip of wine at 1, so we were thrilled to visit The Bagnions at their fun chalet for a midday break. They proved be delightful company. He is French and runs a vineyard in Saint George. It has been in family for generations, and the vintner who manages the grapes and processing has been there for three generations! They KNOW the soil, vines and wine.

Today was a Sunday and all power tools and noise was prohibited. We came to the work site and worked quietly but not all that productively. Donna was slowed since she could not use the sawzall, but I was able to weld quietly. After our day of less the optimal effort we came to the conclusion that Sundays are best left to hikes and exploration.

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