Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Day # 12

It was wet and cold all day. I planned to bring my piece into the big tent*, but it is too tall. So I worked outside applying chicken wire. I got soaked three times and dried in between. It is tedious work getting the wire smooth and tied tightly to the steel structure.

*The tent we are all working in is huge and solid - 30 x 100 feet with 12 ' height in the center. There are 7 of us working in there, and then another 6 swiss artists are working in their own studios but join us for some of the events.

After a slow day on my part (Donna CRANKED again -- see image!) we had the local office of tourism stop by with "fixings".

The plan had been to go to a party spot in the forest under a big shelter, but temps foreclosed that agenda. The partay came to us! And these folks know how to party! We began with good swiss wine (after a long day of work...) and then enjoyed raquette - a local specialty where they singe a HUGE wheel of cheese and the scrape the browned skin and melted slurry over small potatoes with pickled onions and sweet gerkings. The company was diverse - a traveler who was working with the tourism office on a booking computer program - a jazz musician who hauled out his fugal horn - a local boy who knew how to run the raquette cooker and regaled us with stories about growing up with fighting cows... ETC...

After lots of great food and wine and music and dancing they broke out the pear liqueur and coffee. As we strolled back to our apartment a hedge hog crossed our path, and the chill was intense. A change was in the air!

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