Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Day # 11

Day 11 was a hard day of work for both of us. Rain and even snow is in the forecast so I knew I needed to get welding done or I would be unable to work for several days, so work I did. Welding is easy work, but steady, and it takes persistent focus to do an efficient job. I am getting better everyday! I pushed HARD and worked into dinner time before I simply said DONE. Tomorrow, come rain or shine I can begin layering the chickenwire on for the cement coating.

Donna worked SO HARD. She is up on scaffolding and climbs up and down constantly to reposition or just see where she is going. She uses mostly a hand saw in the firm foam so she is constantly using her full body to shape her Stork. These are 12 - 14 hour days, and she stays mostly cheery and seems refreshed even as she comes off the ladder covered in lavender dust.

The rest of our crew are very interesting. We have a traditional wood carver, Tim Holmes, who has a to-die-for red larch log. It was 30' long with a massive girth, but he felt he could ONLY complete a 12' piece in the month allowed, so he had it cut in two and hauled up the mountain to Verbier. It is a richly scented wood fresh cut and oozing. He is doing a loosely figurative piece. He is British, but he lives in France with a temporary place in Verbier. He is hoping to show and sell here well enough to ski and sculpt forever in Verbier.

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