Tuesday, June 7, 2011

June 7th

Today started at 6:50. I set out all my needs for the move up the mountain. The truck arrive promptly at 7am. Lovely and crisp morning. a stunning drive back up the s curves to the site.
The loading and off loading were most professionally handeled.

I was again thoroughy thrilled with the site I had decided on. It has a long vista as one approaches, and a spectacular outline against the glaciated mountains beyond.

I had Jerome, one of the French fluent assistants, to help me and he was a great worker. We beat ourselves up diggeing in the tough soil. deep slots followed the contour of the piece.

Then we mixed cement to secure the piece as rain slipped over us. We caught the 12:30 lift down off the mountain and arrived to hot plates opf food saved for us. I still have several hard days getting the piece covered with cement and then stained. The site is steep and so I will need to spend a day building a scaffold so I can reach the higher places. I will catch a ride up the mountain on the lift and return similarly. The view and ride are exceptional. What a place to work!

Donna had a great day getting solutions to our materials dilema and doing the final shaping on the skirt ruffels, feet and lower areas. Now she will work her way up the shape cleaning up details as she awaits the new material.

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