Thursday, May 26, 2011

Day # 7



We went to the mountain for a second visit. The 30 minute drive up to the top of the first level of the ski lifts was as exhilarating today as it was on Sunday. This is a marvelous event! Visionary! Skiers will enjoy an outdoor sculpture gallery as the descend one of Europe's most developed ski mountains.

Donna chose an especially remarkable site that has a vivid mountain background - right in front of the newly constructed 5 star restaurant. My site has a crisp horizon line to ski, plus several great views as one approaches the restaurant or descends the slopes. Organizer Kiki Thompson has encouraged me to do a sapling sculpture as well as the ferro-cement piece I have planned. It is an exciting addition to my plans here, but will add a lot to the already full schedule. Donna and I have been invited to do a burning sculpture on the closing night party, so we will be WELL featured in all this excitement. We are so happy and proud to be here!

The languages are marvelous to experience. People shift from perfect English to beautifully accented French, or Italian, or German or Swedish with such ease, and no one seems frustrated with my very limited French. Many say No English with no embarrassment at all! Donna has been a hit! Her french has been well exercised, and although the vocabulary is still slow to return (when it began to rains she said it was crying outside...) she has no problem being understood and even very much communicative! THEY ALL LOVE HER here!

Curious thing is all the timers on lights. If you take too long in the bathroom - you get shut up in the dark. (But an observant person will note there is a switch in the stall for

I got in a short day of welding due to our morning mountain visit and then this evening an exciting collector and friends hosted a lovely wine cocktail before dinner... I am making solid progress, but am DYING for a normal 12 hour day of work.. Oh well residencies are as much about the networking as the work produced?!

Donna cut and sheered the foam! She too put in a short day but had GREAT results.

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