Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Day 5! Work day for real!.

We got up before the sun broke over the mountains and were on site to unlock. I worked on my model and Donna laid out plans for her foam carving. In no time the deliveries began. Foam and plywood were unloaded and the other artists began to work. I got the welder out and started melting steel together. The structure is taking shape. FINALLY! Donna piled up her foam pieces but the glue was not here, she will stick it together tomorrow. What a pile of foam she has ahead of her.

I am still struggling with my imagery. The design is feeling very decorative. It WILL be lovely, but I am not convinced the content will survive. Oh well, I MUST go on. I seriously hope to complete a series of THREE of these structure. The medium is steel rod structure covered by a dense layer of chicken wire (three per side minimum) then finished with glass reinforce cement as thinly as possible to about 1-3 inches thick. At this point the plan is to build the structure here in town and then trailer it up the steep winding roads to the mountaintop sculpture park then apply the cement on site. Cementing will be three or four challenging days doing all the work by hand with very limited access. Donna's piece will likely be flown to site fully finished via helicopter. The final location for all the work is accessible only by foot, bikes, skis and dogsled. A five star mountaintop restaurant shares the road with our sculptures, but access to the working site will be a daily challenge as we finish up our work.

The weather continues to be stunning. Chilly in the morning, hot midday, cools off fast like all high alpine environments. It has been clearer each day and Donna insists on photos constantly. We have a growing collection of portraits with STUNNING landscapes.

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