Friday, July 1, 2011


One of my unmet goals of the Verbier 3D Residency was a third piece on the mountain that used my sapling technique and hand-made stones. I had gathered saplings early in the residency, but they were just too short and not my usual maple, oak, beech. They were pulpy and soft woods - mostly spotted alder and a cottonwood variety. I was not able to get the strength and length I needed for the high environment. But in our closing days I applied silver paint to them and built a piece for the final party:

My industry and insecurity with my stones meant that I had over 20 made for the 9 I fit into my sculpture. The remaining ones were placed as remnants of my visit to Verbier. Here are some of the placements:

Placement #1

Placement # 3

Placement # 5

Placement # 7

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